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Tips For Traveling To Florida For Anna Maria Island Florida Events

If you are going to be heading to Florida for Anna Maria Island Florida events, you will want to be sure to get there as affordable as possible. There are plenty of things that you can do to save money on your trip. In this article, we will be going over some key tips that you should utilize to save money on it.
  1. Book Early.
  2. One of the most important things that you are going to want to do when you are looking to travel to Florida for Anna Maria Island Florida events is to book as early as possible. You want to look for the different flights and accommodations that you might need for the event as early as possible because it is going to allow you to save a lot of money on your entire trip. A lot of people are likely going to be similar looking to book their own trip so you want to be one of the earliest to do so in order to save as much money as possible on it. The earlier you book in just about any trip, the more you will be able to save.
  3. Comparison Shopping.
  4. Whenever you are looking to book a trip for an event like this, you should be doing a lot of comparison shopping when it comes to both your flights and your accommodations. You should be able to leverage various comparison engines to quickly identify the cheapest flights and hotels that you can use during your trip. The engines have become so good that you should be able to find all kinds of options available to you without having to put in too much work. There are all kinds of engines that you can use including Kayak, Priceline,, and more.
  5. Use Points For Flights Or Hotels.
  6. One of the best ways you are going to be able to save money on your trip to Florida is by leveraging and using your points. By using your points that you might have accumulated via credit card spending or otherwise, you should be able to significantly cut down on the amount of money that you end up having to spend on your trip. You should be able to use these points wisely and really cut down either on your flight or hotel stay.
  7. Check Location.
  8. Another big thing that you should be doing to save as much money as possible on your trip and to have the best stay is to check the locations that are available. By looking closely at the location, you should be able to identify the right one that is going to offer you the most convenient stay possible. You might even be able to find a location that is going to offer you better results when it comes to the event that you are traveling to Florida for. This will allow you to experience the best trip. Also, some locations might be prohibitively more expensive than others depending on occupancy. Thus, you should be checking around because similar locations might be much cheaper.
  9. Getting Around.
  10. If you are going to be looking for ways to get around, you might want to begin checking for that as soon as you book your trip. The sooner you rent a vehicle, the cheaper you are likely going to pay. However, if you are not looking to rent a vehicle, you should be able to get around affordably by using car sharing services. This is especially true if you use specific discounts that you get with varying services. Some credit cards even give you specific discounts that you can leverage for your time in Florida.
  11. Plan Things To Do.
If you are going to be having downtime between the event or prior to the event, you will want to be sure to plan for things that you can do before going on your trip. By planning ahead of time, you should be able to optimize your time and come up with different things that you are going to be able to do. This is going to allow you to get the most out of your trip and enjoy your time a lot more. Come up with a list of things that you really want to do and you should be able to prioritize them. Overall, there is a lot that you are going to want to be aware of when you are looking to figure out where to book your trip through. Whether you are looking for flights or hotels, you want to utilize the tips above to really identify the best options for you. By following the tips above, you should be able to find just what you are looking for and save as much money as possible on your entire trip.

Top 10 Anna Maria Island Restaurants To Visit On Vacation

Have you heard Anna Maria Island referred to as Anna Maria Key? It goes by both names. Have you vacationed there already? This gulf side city in Manatee County is going to wow you with its attractions, and the same goes for its top dining establishments. Here are the 10 best Anna Maria Island restaurants. Do you like French cuisine? French Table is located at 103 North Gulf Drive, and it is known for serving up delicious duck, flan, grouper and many other delicacies. The mussels, crevettes and potatoes au gratin also are mentioned in the reviews as menu highlights. People say that this cozy dining establishment has character and that you can expect excellent service. French Table is ranked #1, and at #2 is Ginny's and Jane E's Cafe and Coastal Shore. Located at 9807 Gulf Shore Drive, Ginny's and Jane E's Cafe is known as a wonderful spot to enjoy breakfast. Order up cinnamon rolls, omelets, an egg sandwich and much more. Not only do you get a wonderful breakfast, but you can to enjoy the cool tropical island ambiance. Just a heads up, this restaurant is quite popular with the locals. At #3 is Old Hamburg Schnitzelhaus, which you can imagine serves up some delicious German food. Are you ready to eat some schnitzel? Located at 3246 East Bay Drive, Old Hamburg Schitzelhaus also serves up apple strudel, black forest cake, potato pancakes, dumplings and more. If you are wanting to dine out at a restaurant that serves up German cuisine, this is your place when you're traveling Anna Maria Island. The #4 ranked dining establishment is actually a place to grab a delicious dessert. While you can certainly grab a dessert at one of the many dining establishments on this top 10 list, sometimes it's just fun to stop for some ice cream. Your ice cream stop can be at a place called Two Scoops. Two Scoops is located at 101 South Bay Boulevard. More specifically, you will find it where the boulevard intersects with Pine Avenue. Just wait until you see what the treats look like at Two Scoops. Peaches on Holmes Beach is also a big hit for people traveling Anna Maria Island. Peaches on Holmes Beach is located at 3240 East Bay Drive. It's known as a popular breakfast spot, so now you have two choices for the first meal of the day. Home fries, biscuits and gravy, corned beef hash, eggs benedict and more are on the menu at this wonderful restaurant. Reviews say that the service at Peaches is just as good as the food on the menu. It's time for a great seafood pick. You are on Anna Maria Island after all. Blue Marlin Grill is next on this list of the top 10 restaurants of Anna Maria Key. Blue Marlin Grill is located at 121 Bridge Street, and it is part of Bradenton Beach. Enjoy fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, bread pudding, black grouper and a whole lot more. If you are up for fresh fish and seafood, this is the top pick for the restaurants on the island. How about a deli? Scott's Deli is certainly a great choice, and it is a reliable lunch pick. Stop at this deli located at 5337 North Gulf Drive, and you can enjoy some of the best sandwiches. You can even order up breakfast sandwiches there. And as for the meat, you're talking about Boars Head, the best brand, right? Is it time for an Italian sub?
And of course you know there has to be a cute little beach cafe on this list. Minnie's Beach Cafe is located at 5360 Gulf Drive, and guess what, you've scored another great breakfast pick. You're talking about blueberry pancakes, biscuits and gravy, french toast and more. Reviews say that you can expect good prices, too. While the place is popular and might come with a wait, people say it's worth the wait. Waterfront Restaurant is the next dining establishment on this top 10 list. Located at 111 South Bay Boulevard, Waterfront Restaurant is known for serving up delicious fish tacos, crab cakes, fried green tomatoes and more. It's not just a place known for seafood and some other items, however, as you can order up a delicious steak there as well. That means it's time for some surf and turf, right? The last two picks put you right on the beach, and this one is going to as well. In fact, the word beach is in its name. Beach Bistro is a cool place to enjoy a meal, and its location is 6600 Gulf Drive. It is part of the Holmes Beach area, and people say it is food heaven. It's one of the places that you might want to visit on a special occasion and for a fancier meal. Well that's the top 10 restaurants of Anna Maria Island. I'm not going to stop there, however, as I'm going to give you a couple of bonus picks. I think you're going to like these two selections and might just add them as places you must visit when traveling Anna Maria Island. The first bonus pick is The Feast Restaurant. Now you know you're going to be eating good at a dining establishment that carries this type of name. The Feast Restaurant is located at 5406 Marina Drive, and you're talking about a place that has quite a unique menu. Order up mashed sweet potatoes, coconut shrimp, hogfish, steak, pizza and more. The other bonus pick is Island Creperie. Island Creperie is located at 127 Bridge Street in the Bradenton Beach area. Escargot is even on the menu there. You're going to find a lot of other specialty foods on the menu at Island Creperie, too. That's 10 of the best restaurants on Anna Maria Island and two bonus picks. You know where to go now, and I bet you are excited about all the good food you're going to eat while on vacation there. You are covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Have a blast traveling Anna Maria Island.

Anna Maria Island Florida Vacationers Guide

Florida is a state full of wonderful vacation destinations and while you may love the variety of choices, this also means many true gems get overlooked. Anna Maria Island Florida is a fantastic vacation destination whether for singles, couples, or families. Located on the west coast of Florida with beautiful white sand beaches that overlook the Gulf of Mexico, there's a lot to love about this special piece of the Sunshine State. While Miami, Orlando, and other large cities might get the attention, maybe it's time you turn towards the little gem 50 miles south of Tampa known as Anna Maria Island Florida and enjoy everything it has to offer.

Anna Maria Island Cities

Holmes Beach is home to a full time population of 4,300 people and boasts of some of the best views in Florida. Beautiful green waters, miles of white loose grain sand, and some of the best fishing in Florida all in one little laid back area. Whether you want to have a beach picnic with family, enjoy some awesome sunbathing, or take the family for some of the best in-shore or off-shore fishing in Florida then Holmes Beach is your next stop. Don't forget to visit the Café on the Beach for the famed all you can eat pancake breakfast! Taking pride as a small yet vibrant community of 1,300 people, Bradenton Beach is the smallest community that makes up Anna Maria Island Florida but is charms are much bigger! Sister city to Holmes Beach, Bradenton features both miles of beautiful white sand "sugar" beaches as well as mangrove habitat with docks & moorings for the charter fishing boats. The City Pier is a place you must check out and stop in to the café for a bend of resident and visitor. The town of Anna Maria features a friendly easy paced speed limit of 35 mph or less, cyclists and walkers will feel right at home on this sliver of white sand coastal area a touch over an hour's drive south of Tampa. This is a town that takes pride in the lack of high rise beach hotels. This is a laid back area with a single golf course is about the small local shops, beautiful beaches, and laid back lifestyle perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Historic Sites On Anna Maria Island

Visitors who love history and really digging into the past of a beautiful and interesting location will find plenty of great historic sites to visit on Anna Maria Island. The Historic Green Village takes advantage of modern sustainable technology like solar panels and wind energy to keep modern benefits without a carbon footprint while also taking great pains to keep restoring these old buildings & cottages to keep them as original to the century old designs as possible. The popular City Pier is set for modern visitors but littered with interesting plaques and old buildings that blend a living history in with modern sights and sounds. Bean Point was home of the island's very first resident (for which it is named) and this area is a wilderness preserve. The lack of development gives a quiet and peaceful feeling to the area and makes it easy to imagine this little quiet paradise as it was over 120 years ago when George Emerson Bean first decided to call it home. The Bridge Street Pier is where the old pier and bridge is located and has been remade into a great spot for visitors to get a bit of history and see a bit of the island's history.

Anna Maria Island Beaches

If you're looking at a vacation in Anna Maria Island FL then there's little doubt that you are also looking at the amazing beaches that this location has to offer. The Manatee Public Beach has a great reputation, and for good reason. While public beaches in many larger Florida cities may struggle to provide an uncrowded and pleasant daytime experience, there are no such issues on Anna Marie Island. This is a fantastic beach that is extremely family friendly and offers everything you could want out of a family day at the beach including life guards, a cafe, changing rooms and showers, and more. Historic Bean Point is your place to go if you're looking for a quiet experience on a beautiful beach just for you or with a partner. Beautiful, quiet, this is a slice of natural heaven for when you want to get away for a bit. Coquina Beach is often mentioned in the same breath as Manatee Public Beach and is another great option that includes life guards, picnic areas, water fountains, and more. These are just some of several top notch beaches to choose from depending on what exactly you're in the mood for!

Anna Maria Island Restaurants

Whatever you're looking for, there's sure to be an outstanding Anna Maria Island restaurant option that will meet your culinary needs. Whether you like multi-star fine dining or have a craving for a truly good deli or bar burger, you can find at least one (if not many) options that will meet even the highest standards! Looking for some fresh seafood? Make sure to check out the appropriately named The Marlin or O’Shucks Raw Bar & Grill. Both offer a wide variety of different takes on seafood and enjoy high ratings no matter where you look online. Vinny's Italian Kitchen brings the best of Italian dining right to Anna Maria Island whether pasta, pizza, or paninis. Waterfront Restaurant is famous a one of the best places in town to eat and the sit down option brings you plenty of food options for the entire family. The Feast restaurant gives a good name to the area's upscale sit-down restaurant experiences. You definitely want to check out the area as there are many bars & grills, small food shacks, and up and coming restaurants or food stands that offer an impressive variety of outstanding food options.

Golf Course On Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island has only one actual golf course, although there are over 60 located within an hour's drive on the bordering coastal cities like Bradenton or Sarasota. If you want to enjoy a game of golf during vacation on Anna Maria Island itself, then your options are the Key Royale Club or the Key Royale Club. A private golf course and country club, this 9 hole 32-par golf course is members only which means membership of some kind is required in order to play there or make use of the on-site restaurant. There are actually multiple options as there are separate memberships for summer, golf, corporate, junior, or even the popular "social membership" option. For those accepted a 6-month introductory membership is an option and many people are surprised to see how reasonable the fees are here. If this is out of the question then a short drive away to Bradenton opens up over 60 options, most of them public, to make sure that you get your Florida golfing fix on your next vacation.

Water Sports On Anna Maria Island

What's your idea of some dream water sports to enjoy while on vacation? There are plenty of options that are going to be available on Anna Maria Island, so there's no need to fret! Jet ski rental is available from multiple providers and gives you the option of enjoying the beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters at high speeds and get that bit of an adrenaline rush that you have been looking for. If adrenaline speed isn't exactly what you're looking for you can find parasailing boards, plenty of boat rentals whether you're looking at cruising or fishing, and more. The area provides many different ways you can enjoy the water and there are plenty of local businesses eager to get you properly outfitted to fully (and safely) enjoy all the amazing experiences that are waiting for you right out there on the water. You can even contact some professional dive charters to snorkel or scuba dive around some of the amazing wrecks that local guides know about and they will match you with the best places to explore based on your current skill level and experience.

Anna Maria Vacation Rentals

There are so many outstanding options when it comes to finding a good Anna Maria vacation rental property, so don't limit yourself! There are bungalows, hotels, bed & breakfast option, house rentals, and more! In other words, whatever your idea of a perfect vacation rental is there is going to be an option that meets your budget and/or preferences. Obviously certain types of rentals will be pricier while others have more budget-friendly deals; renting an entire beach house is going to be a bit higher in price than a hostel or inexpensive hotel that is off the shore a bit. There are plenty of ways to find the perfect vacation rental option. Think about the details: whether you want a second or third story view of the beach versus being right on there, house versus hotel, condo versus apartment - there are many different ways to enjoy the stunning beaches, friendly hospitality, and truly special gem that is the Anna Maria Island area. Keep in mind to check for air conditioning, fans, a grilling area, or anything else that is particularly important to you or your family when it comes to vacation. A little bit of research upfront goes a long way towards helping to make sure you get the perfect housing when you're actually on vacation and when enjoying a hidden gem like Anna Maria you want to make sure you're coming back to a fantastic room after a long day of fishing, golfing, exploring, or doing whatever else makes up your idea of the perfect Florida vacation. Why Wait Another Day? So what are you waiting for? Get started on preparing your wonderful Anna Maria Island Florida vacation today! Whether you love beautiful world class beaches, outstanding water sports, a laid back island lifestyle, or a truly unique area with its own personality, you'll find that this island doesn't disappoint! From friendly locals to happy tourists, there's a nice blend here that helps anyone have an outstanding vacation whether traveling solo or bringing the family for that long overdue bonding time. There are very few locations that can offer everything you'll have access to at Anna Maria Island - and this is doubly true when you consider the small and laid back nature of the area as opposed to the many big cities that so many tourists decide to visit. This time, make sure this gem is your prime destination!

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5 Cool Anna Maria Vacation Rentals On

What is it with islands and the properties around it that make our stay so comfortable and almost heavenly? Is it just the view from the island or the comfort of your bed from where you can view the sun go down into the sea? If you have ever rented a property on an island for your vacation, you will know that it is the combination of both. Normally, what people do is, they rent a room for a couple of days or more and they leave the hotel after a few days. But if you are planning on a long vacation to an island, especially the Anna Maria Island in Florida, it will be better to rent an entire apartment. At Find Rentals, we have the finest Anna Maria Island vacation rentals that will give any palace a run for their money. Let’s take a look at some of the best properties that you can rent in the most exquisite locations.

Beachside Oasis Anna Maria

If you are one of those who likes to travel a lot with your friends and family together, the Beachside Oasis is the place to be. With a direct view of the gulf, a rooftop deck, private heated pool, and a variety of games to play, you will never get bored here. It has 5 humongous bedrooms that can accommodate a total of 14 people. It is almost like your dream home with the best luxurious features ever. The best part about this property is its detailing. You can search for many Anna Maria Island vacation rentals but none will have the kind of detailing in the architecture as the Beachside Oasis. You will be amazed to see the flooring along with the designer modular kitchen and the spacious balconies. The exterior too looks like one of those houses you see in the Hollywood movies. With the beach just a minute’s walk away, you can relax on the porch or on the beach and chill out with your friends and family. The Beachside Oasis is one of the rare apartments that have the combination of perfect architecture and stunning location. It is available on rent with a weekly rate that ranges from $2100 to $10080 per week. View More Photos Here For: Beachside Oasis Anna Maria

 Southern Breeze 5 Anna Maria Island

For those who like privacy and comfort within a small budget, the Southern Breeze 5 will be the ideal place to stay in. Anna Maria is a gem of an island and when you have a luxurious apartment like Southern Breeze 5, you can be assured that your stay is going to be the most comfortable one ever. It is meant for a small family. 2 bedrooms can accommodate 4 people. You and your kids will have a great time here. Just because it is a small apartment does not mean we have skimped on the amenities. You can enjoy with your family in the private heated pool. The master bedroom is enormous, and there are spacious balconies from where you can soak up the sun. It is the ideal place for couples who have chosen Anna Maria Island for their honeymoon destination. The privacy of the Southern Breeze 5 is what makes it unique. There is no doubt that couples or small families will want to enjoy their stay at Anna Maria Island. Find Rentals brings you the amazing property of Southern Breeze 5 that will make you stay comfortable and give you the views of the beautiful gulf ahead. View More Photos Here For: Southern Breeze 5 Anna Maria Island

Sunrise Shore Anna Maria Island

Another apartment that will make you drool as soon as you reach in front of it; the Sunrise Shore is apt for big families or those who want to visit Anna Maria Island with their friends. Find Rentals only provide the best Anna Maria Island vacation rentals so that you don’t have to worry about your stay. The Sunrise Shore comes with 5 huge bedrooms where as many as 12 people can sleep. One of the reasons why the Sunrise Shore will make you fall in love with the place is its location. If you have dreamed of living on a river or a pond, your dream is about to come true. The Sunrise Shore is located on a secluded pond, and that is the beauty of this place. There are mind-blowing amenities that make the apartment one of the luxurious places to stay in. You can rent both sides of this duplex apartment if you have an extended vacation with your friends or family. Anna Maria Island may have many properties that are rented during a vacation, but none is as beautiful as the Sunrise Shore. It is the epitome of luxury apartments and Find Rentals will provide you this piece of art at just $250 to $1050 per night depending on the season and availability. View More Photos Here For: Sunrise Shore Anna Maria Island


Mangroves and Magnolias Anna Maria Island

Find Rentals is one of the most reliable companies that will offer you top Anna Maria Island vacation rentals at pocket-friendly prices. Mangroves and Magnolias is another apartment that you can rent when you in Anna Maria Island. Almost every property that you find in Anna Maria provide some sort of luxury, but Mangroves and Magnolias has taken a step ahead to make your stay both comfortable and luxurious simply with their architectural skills. This apartment is vast; the rooms are huge, the bathrooms are spacious, and even the kitchen and bathrooms have enough space to almost run around and play games. There is a separate balcony altogether with comfortable chairs where you can sit for hours and gaze at the gulf. Unlike hotels, where you have to find a restaurant to dine in, you have a dining room that is almost as spacious as a restaurant. So, you can understand how comfortable your stay is going to be. It will be a big miss if you don’t stay at Mangroves and Magnolias. The weekly rates start at $2300. It is well within the budget, and when you are getting so much at so little, you should take a chance and book this apartment for a week. View More Photos Here For: Mangroves and Magnolias Anna Maria Island

Bluefin Cottage Anna Maria

There are hundreds of small families that visit Anna Maria Island every year. If you are also planning to visit this island in your next vacation, make sure you rent the Bluefin Cottage from Find Rentals. We will provide this beautiful apartment for just $170 per night. It has got 2 luxurious bedrooms that can accommodate 4 people. It is ideal for couples and those who have a total family of three or four members. There are enough amenities that will make your stay comfortable. Starting from private heated pools to massive master bedrooms to a well-maintained garden, it is almost like living in your own home even when you are away. We have made sure that the apartment is located in an area that is located very close to the sea. You can almost smell the sea from your bed. A trip to Anna Maria Island means you will be having the time of your life. The beautiful island, together with the picturesque landscapes is just perfect for a vacation. To make sure that your holiday is comfortable, we at Find Rentals are offering the most luxurious apartments at unbelievable prices. We assure you that you will not be disappointed once you rent an apartment from our website. You are free to choose from the range of apartments that we have, and we guarantee that you will have the most comfortable stay for the entire week. View More Photos Here For: Bluefin Cottage Anna Maria